Rhinoplasty Surgery & Cost in Turkey 

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

 Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job”, is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at improves the appearance or function of the nose. It involves correcting various issues such as structural deformities, birth defects, injuries, or respiratory problems caused by a deviated septum.

The rhinoplasty procedure is typically performed on individuals over the age of 15 since the nose must be fully developed before undergoing surgery. Before the procedure, the surgeon will clean the area with an antiseptic solution to prevent infection of the surgical wound. There are two types of anesthesia used: local and general anesthesia. Local anesthesia numbs the area around the nose, while general anesthesia puts the patient to sleep.

What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

During the rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon will make two small incisions. The first incision called the columella, is made in the tissue between the nostrils and the base of the nose. The surgical retractor then separates the edges, allowing for a second incision to be made. The surgeon will then carefully remove the skin from the underlying cartilage that extends from the nasal bones to the septal portion. Once the skin is removed from the nasal bone, the surgeon will correct any issues with the nose.



Recovery Process After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After the nasal remodeling is complete, the incisions inside the nose will be sutured with dissolvable sutures that the body can absorb without the need for removal. Nasal splints can be placed both inside and outside the nostrils to maintain the correct shape while the nose heals.

After several days of the rhinoplasty surgery, bruises may appear on the face, and there is a risk of infection with symptoms such as a headache. It takes about a month for the shape of the nose to become apparent, and the final result should be visible after one year.

Choose the Leading Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Turkey

If you have been dissatisfied with your nose and are thinking about cosmetic surgery in Turkey, it’s essential to have a highly proficient rhinoplasty surgeon and a dedicated surgical team who can to guide you throughout the whole process.

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How Long Does a Rhinoplasty Procedure Take?

The duration of a rhinoplasty procedure can vary due to the unique nature of each nose.Most nose jobs take about 1.5 to 3 hours, although they can last longer than this if more extensive work is needed. After your nose job is complete, you’ll rest in a recovery room before being sent home to continue the healing process.