Tip Rhinoplasty (Tip Plasty)

What is Tip Plasty ?

Consider nose reshaping, also known as rhinoplasty or a “nose job,” if you want to alter the shape of your nose. For those who only want to modify the tip of their nose, a faster and less expensive option is tip-only rhinoplasty. This procedure involves changing the orientation and shape of the cartilage in the lower lateral area of the nose, as well as the end of the nasal septum. Most patients seek to make their nose tip smaller, shapelier, straighter, less droopy, or shorter. For those desiring a more projected or longer nose, cartilage grafts may be necessary for definition or projection. Alar base modification can also change the size and shape of the nostrils. The open approach is commonly used for most tip-only rhinoplasty procedures, requiring a small incision in the columella to expose the delicate cartilage and allow for precise modifications

What Does Tip Rhinoplasty Fix?

Tip Rhinoplasty, also known as tip-plasty, is a surgical procedure that focuses solely on reshaping the tip of the nose. The process involves altering the shape of the nose tip to create a more harmonious balance with the rest of the nose and facial features. The primary goal of tip rhinoplasty is to enhance the appearance of the nose tip by either lifting a drooping tip, adjusting its size or projection, or reducing the size of the nostrils.

Tip Plasty: Reshaping the Nose, Refining Your Beauty

If you’re considering improving the appearance of your nose, it’s crucial to determine whether nasal tip surgery or a complete rhinoplasty is the more suitable option for you. If your primary concern is the tip of your nose, then nasal tip refinement could be the only thing you need. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a significant transformation that involves multiple areas of the nose, a complete rhinoplasty might be the better choice. Nose tip surgery can successfully address various aesthetic issues and enhance your self-esteem

Recovery After Tip Rhinoplasty

If you’re thinking about nose surgery, a nasal tip plasty could be a better option for you. It has a shorter recovery time, and you can go back to your daily activities quickly after the procedure. To reduce swelling, use a cold compress and clean and moisturize your nose with a nasal spray. The swelling should go away within two days. You’ll be able to return to your regular work or personal activities after just one week. However, you may have a loss of sensation in your nose for one or two months. Although you’ll recover quickly in the first three months, full recovery could take between six and twelve months.

What is The Cost of Tip Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Turkey is a great place to undergo tip rhinoplasty surgery for various reasons, but the most notable one is the reasonable cost of the procedure. Compared to other nations, the typical expense of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is $1780.

Why Choose Aestheticairways for Rhinoplasty?

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